Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sales v critics v fans 3.2: Fans top 100 albums of all time - artists

What artists do the fans like - and how does that compare with the critics' and best seller lists?

The fans list is more concentrated than the other list. 64 entries come from artists with two or more entries vs 51 for the sales chart and 34 for the critics. That kinda makes sense - you'd expect critics to have more diverse interest than fans or record buyers. But I was surprised that the fans were more concentrated than the sales data.

The list of top 100 albums of all time as voted by the fans is here.

1. The Beatles - 6 entries

Despite being deposed from the top slots by Radiohead and Pink Floyd, the Beatles still have the most entries. I suppose they must be ok.

The order is different - but the albums are the same as the critics, except the fans substitute Magical Mystery Tour for Please Please Me. Hard to pass up one of the greatest pieces of psychedelia of all time.

Abbey Road
Sgt Pepper
White Album
Rubber Soul
Magical Mystery Tour

2.= Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd - 5 entries

The fans really like their Pink Floyd! The critics gave the nod to only 1 Floyd album, which seems like a travesty. The best seller list had 3.

Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks
Highway 61 Revisited
Blonde on Blonde
Bringing it All Back Home
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon (#2 Overall)
Wish You Were Here
Piper At the Gates of Dawn

4.= Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones - 4 entries

I like the elevation of Neil Young and Radiohead. Compared with the sales chart, the fans drop Houses of the Holy and add Lep Zep I and III.

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin III

Neil Young
After the Gold Rush
On the Beach
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

OK Computer (#1 Overall)
Kid A
The Bends
In Rainbows

The Rolling Stones
Sticky Fingers
Let It Bleed
Exile on Main Street
Beggars Banquet

8.= Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Velvet Underground - 3 entries

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust
Hunky Dory

Miles Davis
Kind of Blue
In a Silent Way
Betches Brew

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico (#3 Overall)
The Velvet Underground
White Light/White Heat

12.= Charles Mingus, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, John Coltrane, Joy Division, King Crimson, Metallica, Nick Drake, Pixies, Talk Talk, The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 2 entries

What a diverse group!

Everyone else - 1 entry

A Tribe Called Quest 
Arcade Fire 
Creedence Clearwater Revival 
DJ Shadow 
Elliott Smith 
Frank Zappa 
Leonard Cohen 
Marvin Gaye 
My Bloody Valentine 
Neutral Milk Hotel 
Sigur Rós 
Sonic Youth 
Talking Heads 
The Beach Boys 
The Clash 
The Cure 
The Doors 
The Kinks 
The Smiths 
The Stooges 
The Who 
The Zombies 
Tom Waits 
Van Morrison 
Wu-Tang Clan 

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