Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 25 Albums of 2013 1 - Introduction & 25 - 21

So long to 2013. The end of the year can only mean one thing. No, not hangovers, soon to be forgotten resolutions, or the fervent prayer that what you did on NYE is not going viral right now. It is time for the making of lists!

First up is the top 25 Albums of 2013. 

This is a meta-list which taps critics, fans and punters (i.e. sales) to come up with an all-encompassing proprietary meta-list which summarises the year in music.

The sources are...

Critics: Top 25 albums from AOTY. This is a meta-site which combines 48 year end lists from a wide range of publications, including Rolling Stone, NME, etc.

Fans: Top 25 albums for 2013 from Rate Your Music as at 2/1/13. This is my favourite music voting site for albums. Most of the top 25 have over 1,000 ratings. It is a carefully curated site, with confidential algorithms to prevent rigging.

Sales: The top 25 albums from the Billboard Top 200 for 2013. These are the top selling albums across all genres for 2013. 

The albums in each list are scored between 1 and 25 based on their position in the list. Then I combine the three sources, adding the scores for albums on more than one list. Albums that appear on more than one list are automatically ranked above albums appearing on only one list.

This year there are no albums appearing on all three lists. But there are 9 albums that appear on two lists.

I feel like this has been a good year for music.

Join me in following posts as I count down the Top 25 Albums of 2013.

Rank Artist Album Source
25 Haim Days Are Gone Critics
24 Florida Georgia Line Here's To The Good Times Sales
23 Arctic Monkeys AM Critics
22 Tim Hecker  Virgins  Fans
21 Imagine Dragons Night Visions Sales

I love the Tim Hecker techno/noise ambient album and admit to guilty pleasures in Imagine Dragons.

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